My Mind

Picture lessons from my inner mind

Kneels bent, legs under them

Palms together, fingers intertwined

An arched back, shoulders down

Even breathing, eyes closed

What do you see behind them?

what do I see in front, inside them?

The images, they are moving so fast like a flicking picture,

Each beautiful as the last,

I see the stars, I see the oceans, I see myself standing barefooted at the center of the universe

I see the waves, I see things I don’t know exist,

A mixture of the real, a mixture of the imagined

I hear, I smell, is that even possible?

I sense better,

Memories pouring out, gushing out,

All these behind closed eyes

All these in my inner mind

Different scenes seem to fit in a frame,

It’s like watching so many televisions at once,

You can’t keep up, sometimes you do,

It is a life lesson.

Another time, I see a mountain covered in lush greens, a fountain and a river at its feet,

A splash and I am in,

It’s cold, it’s calming,

I can feel my legs moving, I think I see the belly of an animal, I cannot make out what it is, I can only see a tail and tiny legs

I think I shall name it, I name it patience,

Another lesson behind these closed eyes,

I believe in another world, I believe in a transverse universe,

Is it out there? I don’t know,

But I know it is in there, here,

Behind those closed eyes,

Your inner mind,

There is a whole new world in you

You ever wondered yet why your mind never stays quiet?



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Faboade Deborah

Faboade Deborah

Curious. Here, I share my stories as an aspiring writer, scars, and all.